GOALS for this course



Lecture Notes of G679 (University of Cantabria)

This couse aims to teach students the required skills for performing tasks of a junior system administrator in computer environments. Students will learn advanced procedures about the design and the management of computer systems for data center environments that will enable them through the integration of the different components of the system, to implement advanced services that will be used in the management of computational resources, distributed storage and networking, in both the Intranet and the Internet environments. Also, we will place special emphasis on the main security mechanisms for these service. Additionally, we will take a look at some of the more relevant “open-source” tools in monitoring and remote configuration.

Unit 0:

Course Intorduction [Slides]

Unit 1: Introduction to Computer Systems Administration:

  • Topic 01: Fundamentals about “Data Centers” design [Slides]
  • Topic 02: Fundamentals about the system administrator [Slides]

Unit 2: Integration of global services for management environments I: INTRANET

Computer Systems for deploying INFORMATION and VALIDATION services:
  • Topic 03: Active Directory secure service: LDAP (over SSL) [Slides]
  • Topic 04: Active Directory integration mechanisms: NSS, PAM and SSS [Slides]
Computer Systems for 3party NETWORKING services:
  • Topic 05: Network configuration service: ISC DHCP [Slides]
  • Topic 06: Network naming resolution service: ISC DNS Bind9 [Slides]
  • Topic 07: Local yime synchronization service: ISC NTP [Slides]
Computer Systems for network file systems and resource sharing management:
  • Topic 08: Network File service: NFSv4 [Slides]
  • Topic 09: Multi-platform interoperability ansd resources sharing service: SAMBA [Slides]

Unit 3: Integration of global services for management environments II: INTERNET

Computer Systems for WEB servive management:
  • Topic 10: Secure web service: HTTP Apache2 (over TLS/SSL) [Slides]
  • Topic 11: Secure web content management service: CMS Wordpress (over TLS/SSL) [Slides]
Computer Systems for e-Email management:
  • Topic 12: Secure e-mail service: SMTP Postfix and IMAP DAVECOT (over TLS/SSL) [Slides]
  • Topic 13: Secure web mail access service: Webmail RoundCube (over TLS/SSL) [Slides]

Unit 4: Centralized Monitoring & Configuration tools:

  • Topic 14: Global configuration tool: WEBMIN [Slides]
  • Topic 15: Global monitoring tools: Ganglia and Nagios3 [Slides]
Command line tools:
  • Topic 16: Generic management tools: Linux tools [Slides]


  • Lab 0: Introduction to DGSI laboratory [pdf]
  • Lab 1: Secure information server I: Secure directory services and authentication (Single sing-on) [pdf]
  • Lab 2: Secure information server II: 3party network services [pdf]
  • Lab 3: Secure Network Files, resources sharing and interoperability Server [pdf]
  • Lab 4: Secure web server [pdf]
  • Lab 5: Secure mail server and webmail service [pdf]
  • Lab 6: Monitoring and configuration of servers and services: Centralized web tools [pdf]

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