GOALS for this course



Lecture Notes of G679 (University of Cantabria)

This course aims to broaden the student’s knowledge acquired in the subject of “Computer Systems”, giving a deeper and specialized operating systems management vision, specially on networking service implementation.

Unit 0:

Course Introducction [Slides]

Unit 1: Introduction to Computer Systems Administration: [Slides]

  1. The “Data center” concept and staff organization in computer environments.
  2. The system administrator; Skill levels, typical tasks, duties and responsibilities. Good practices
  3. Most used resources and information sources.

Unit 2: Global services integration for management environments I: INTRANET

Computer Systems to deploy INFORMATION and AUTHENTICATION services:

  1. Secure centralized Active Directory (LDAP) service: OpenLDAP (over SSL) [Slides]
  2. Directory integration mechanisms: identification and authentication: NSS, PAM and SSS [Slides]

Computer Systems for NETWORKING (3party) services management:

  1. Dynamic Host configuration (DHCP) service: ISC DHCP [Slides]
  2. Local name resolution (DNS) service: ISC Bind9 [Slides]
  3. Local Time Synchronization (NTP) service: NTP ISC [Slides]

Computer Systems for network file systems and resource sharing management:

  1. Network File (NFS) service: NFSv4] [Slides]
  2. Secure resource sharing and MS Systems (Windows Servers) interoperability: SAMBA [Slides]

Unit 3: Global services integration for management environments I: INTERNET

Computer Systems for WEB servive management:

  1. Secure Web (HTTP) service: Apache2 and TLS/SSL [Slides]
  2. Content Management (CMS) service: Wordpress [Slides]

Computer Systems for e-Email management:

  1. Secure mail (SMTP, IMAP) service: Postfix, DAVECOT and TLS/SSL [Slides]
  2. Secure web mail access (Webmail) service: RoundCube [[Slides]]()

Unit 4: Centralized Monitoring & Configuration tools:


  1. Centralized configuration (over SSL) with WEBMIN [Slides]


  1. Centralized monitoring with Ganglia and Nagios3 [Slides]
  2. Basic Linux tools [Slides]


  • Lab 0: Introduction to DGSI laboratory [pdf]
  • Lab 1: Secure information server I: Secure directory services and authentication (Single sing-on) [pdf]
  • Lab 2: Secure information server II: 3party network services [pdf]
  • Lab 3: Secure Network Files, resources sharing and interoperability Server [pdf]
  • Lab 4: Secure web server [pdf]
  • Lab 5: Secure mail server and webmail service [pdf]
  • Lab 6: Monitoring and configuration of servers and services: Centralized web tools [pdf]

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