Short Bio and Research Interest

Jose Angel Gregorio received the PhD degree in physics (electronics) from the University of Cantabria, in 1983. In the past, he has been interested in multiprocessors and interconnection networks for massively parallel system. Some of the works in which he has participated have had a significant impact on the development of new systems for routing, flow control (The Adaptive Bubble Router) and fault tolerance (Immunet, Immucube) in interconnection networks for multiprocessor systems. Some of these design proposals have been used in commercial machines such as the the IBM BlueGene supercomputers family. He is co-author of two patents of packet routers suitable for this type of systems. Currently his main research interests focus on chip multiprocessors (CMPs) with special emphasis on the memory subsystem, interconnection network and coherence protocol of these systems. He has participated in various project selection committees of the Spanish National R&D Plan, the ANEP and now belongs to the ANECA board of external experts. He has held various management positions and form 2004 to 2010 he has been contributing as the Director of the Area of Information Technologies and Communication of the University of Cantabria.


You can find a list of publications trough my public profiles in n google scholar or orcid. The preprints and presentation slides are available in the Publications section of the Group webpage.


Curently, I am involved in the following courses:

  • Computer Architecture and Engineering (G672)
  • Digital Systems (G268)
  • Memory Hierarchy (M1709)