Topaz Network Simulator

TOPAZ is a general-purpose interconnection network simulator that allows the modeling a wide variety of message routers with different tradeoffs between speed and precision. TOPAZ comes from SICOSYS simulator, which was originally conceived to obtain results are very close to those obtained by using HDL description of networks components by hardware simulators but at lower computational cost. In order to make the tool easily comprehensible, extensible and reusable, the design of the tool is object-oriented and its implementation is in C++ language. For the models provided, approximately 110 classes, distributed in about 50,000 lines of code have been necessary. The simulator has support for parallel execution using standard POSIX threads. The portability is high: can be used in any UNIX platform with a C++ standard compiler.

Gem5 Extensions

Some in-house developmens using gem5 tool-set.

Sicosys Network Simulator

An old network simulator Source code.

Cortex Simulator

Some crazy stuff Source Code.