Short Bio:

I received my BS and MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Basque Country (Spain), in 2002. Nowadays, i am a research support technician (computers and systems management) and assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Cantabria.

After graduating as engineer, i have been mainly working as research support staff at the Computer Architecture and Technology Group and Computer Engineering, around computers and networks management to supercomputer and cluster HPC/HTC machines. Since 2008, i have been teaching operating systems and computer management at degree and master of Computer and Telecommunication Engineerings at this University, as assistant professor. Also i have advised several EoG and EoM projects to Computer and Telecommunication Engineerings students.

During these years, my main lines of work focus around:

  • Supercomputer and Cluster Systems Tools fot HPC/HTC environments
  • Design and start up of Data Centers, focus on energy efficiency and control tools
  • Tool Development on Data Center’s managements tacks
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Research Interest:

  • KVM and cluster support for GEM5
  • Big Data and NoSQL distributed DB
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing
  • HPC/HTC Computing
  • Energy efficiency in Data Centers
  • Security and Cryptography in Cloud Computing

Support Research Work:

Work areas as senior system manager:

  • Experience in UNIX (IRIX and SOLARIS) systems administration and monitor tools and mainly LINUX distributions (RH and Debian)
  • Knowledge & understanding of backup technologies (HP) & disaster recovery methods
  • Knowledge & understanding in virtual environments (XEN, VMware, VirtualBox, Dockers)
  • Knowledge of cloud computing
  • Energy efficiency in Data Centers


  • Operating Systems
  • Computer (systems and networks) management